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we help create inspiring
learning environments

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Come and volunteer
to help us change lives
while having fun

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Run a marathon, climb a mountain
or organise a bake sale to help us
raise money for our awesome projects

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All of your donations go
towards our projects;
we make every penny count

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We provide the tools and
know-how that empower
communities to start their
own income generating projects

Soft Power Education is a British registered charity and Ugandan NGO working with communities in Uganda to improve quality of life through education.




core programmes and activities

Alternative Education

Pre Schools

Soft Power Education funds and runs two pre schools for 180 orphans and vulnerable children, often children of AIDS victims or sometimes just from desperately poor families. Buwenda Pre School and Kyabirwa Pre School offer children a chance to be children for a few hours each day, learning the basics of being in a learning environment, social skills and basic English, but of course, the key focus of our pre-schools is that the children learn through having fun!

Amagezi Education Centre

The Amagezi Education Centre (AEC) is a unique and inspiring centre in the heart of Kyabirwa village. Pupils from partner primary schools from across Jinja District visit throughout the academic year to enjoy practical, interactive and hands-on learning sessions using equipment they do not have access to in school.

Special Educational Needs

We believe that all children are entitled to an education regardless of their race, religion, sex or disability. Children with special educational needs (SEN) face many challenges in their everyday life in Uganda due either to the severity of their disability, a lack of funding for specialist equipment and schooling or simply society’s misunderstanding of disability.

Our SEN programme aims to overcome some of these barriers to give children with special educational needs the opportunity to live active and productive lives.

Murchison Memories Exhibition

Our Murchison Memories Exhibition aims to highlight social, historical and cultural attributes that impact current conservation issues. Through photographs, artifacts, stories and contemporary art the exhibition is designed to allow local school children and overseas visitors alike to learn more about conservation and the challenges both the national park and its surrounding communities face.

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People & Parks

Through the People & Parks programme, Soft Power Education's expert programme staff provide the tools and know-how that empower communities bordering Murchison Falls Conservation Area to design, develop and implement their own income-generating projects.

We train community members to develop and maintain sustainable and environmentally friendly projects such as bee keeping, goat rearing and tree planting. Through viable alternative livelihood options, communities can build themselves and their children a sustainable future while at the same time helping to conserve environmentally threatened habitats.

Community Development Programme

Based at the Amagezi Education Centre (AEC) and led by the AEC staff, the Community Development Programme (CDP) is aimed at educating communities in sustainable life skills and maximising the potential of the education centre.

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School Infrastructure

Soft Power Education works with Uganda's education sector to achieve the second of the UN Millennium Development Goals to achieve Universal Primary Education.

Since 2003 we have been working on a Primary School Infrastructure Programme, creating inspiring learning environments. After an initial assessment of the school we work in three phases

1. Refurbishment of existing classrooms, which have not been condemned
2. Demolition of any condemned classrooms and rebuilding them
3. Building additional classrooms
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