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core programme areas and activities

Alternative Education


Soft Power Education funds and runs two pre-schools for 180 of the most vulnerable children living in Buwenda and Kyabirwa villages. Attending pre-school gives the children the chance to just be children for a few hours each morning. They learn how to behave in a learning environment, develop their social skills, make friends and begin speaking basic English language. We work to ensure that our pre-schoolers are able to pass the required exam to enter primary school, but the key focus of our pre-schools is that children learn best through having fun!

Special Educational Needs

Our Special Educational Needs programme offers free education, physiotherapy and occupational therapy to more than 140 children across the Jinja district. Children with disabilities are often ostracised from society and so we work with communities and families to break down some of the traditional misconceptions about disability, and educate and empower them to realise the individual potential that all children have.

Learning and Education for All Programme

Following on from the highly successful P6 Pupils’ Project, Soft Power Education have launched their new alternative education programme, LEAP, which focuses on three core areas – “bellies, bodies and brains” – through sessions focused on food security and skills & empowerment.


People & Parks

Through the People & Parks programme, Soft Power Education's expert programme staff provide the tools and know-how that empower communities bordering Murchison Falls Conservation Area to design, develop and implement their own income-generating projects.

We train community members to develop and maintain sustainable and environmentally friendly projects such as bee keeping, goat rearing and tree planting. Through viable alternative livelihood options, communities can build themselves and their children a sustainable future while at the same time helping to conserve environmentally threatened habitats.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

One of the country’s official languages, English is a vital skill to learn in Uganda. TEFL lessons enable women in rural communities, some of whom have never been to school, to learn in an environment of fun and inclusion and to achieve a feeling of self worth and confidence. It boosts employability and has been shown to increase the educational attainment of their children.

Knitting Group

Soft Power Education’s small-scale women’s knitting cooperative is based in rural Bujagali, the heart of the Jinja district’s tourism industry. Each afternoon, the group meet with needles in hand to work on a range of beautiful, hand-knitted items which are sold to ensure our ladies can provide themselves a sustainable livelihood and brighter future for their families.

School Infrastructure

Soft Power Education’s School Infrastructure programme works with the Ministry of Education and local governments to achieve SDG4. We work to transform government primary schools into safe, creative and inspiring learning environments with the aims of reducing (both students and teachers) and drop-out rates, and raising performance levels.

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