Fundraising Resources

Fundraising is fun and rewarding but also requires a lot of hard work and commitment. We continue to be amazed by the range of events our supporters are involved in and you can see some examples on our Great Fundraising page.

The downloads on this page are designed to help you with your fundraising with photos, presentations, leaflets and everything to make things as simple for you as possible. If you feel there is anything missing then please let us know.


Here are some of our most recent photos:

Photos make everything clearer whether you are trying to explain to people how beautiful Uganda is or simply trying to show them the conditions children in Uganda learn from. You can download the photos for presentations or simply browse through them to get an idea of everything going on in Uganda. View all of Soft Power’s photos.

Power Point Presentation

power point 1st slide ppt 2nd slide

This presentation shows all aspects of our work in Uganda and how we have achieved it. You can amend and adjust the slides to suit your own presentation as well as adding in some photos of your own if you are making a presentation after visiting Uganda.

Download Soft Power Education PowerPoint Presentation

Soft Power Education Leaflet

leaflet_side_two_low_res     leaflet_side_one_low_res

This double sided leaflet is great to hand out at fundraising events to let people read all about Soft Power Education as well as having details on how to donate. Don’t forget that you will need to put the leaflet back through your printer to print the reverse side!

Download Soft Power Education Leaflet Inside

Download Soft Power Education Leaflet Outside


Soft Power Education Fundraiser Poster

Advertising your event is crucial for success so you can download and use this poster. Put it everywhere, the gym, schools, youth clubs, pubs to get as many people as possible to support your event!

Download Soft Power Education Fundraiser Poster



Soft Power Education Sponsor Formsponsor form

Sponsored events are by far one of the most popular and successful ways of raising money. You can use this form to collect details of all your sponsors. Don’t forget to ask them to complete the Gift Aid information if they are UK tax payers! Remember that you can also raise money online with Just Giving.

Need some inspiration? Have a look at some of the sponsored events others have done

Download Soft Power Education Sponsor Form





Soft Power Education Logos

Soft Power Colour Logo V SML  Soft Power B + W Logo V SML

You may want to add one of our logos onto your literature for fundraising so please feel free to download either the black and white or colour version right here.

Download Soft Power Education Logo (colour)

Download Soft Power Education Logo (black)

Gift Cards



Gift Cards are a great way of thanking people for their support at your fundraiser or simply sending someone a birthday card and letting them know you have made a donation to SPE on their behalf. These beautiful cards were designed by one of our volunteers, Andy, and we cannot thank him enough. Click on each of the cards above to download them. We suggest you print on thick paper or card for the best results. You should then put the card back through the printer to print the inside text which can be downloaded here.

A-Z guide to fundraising ideas - click here

Download Gift Card Wording Inside PORTRAIT

Download Gift Card Wording Inside LANDSCAPE