Before The Race for websiteIf you are reading this then you must have taken the great step of deciding to fundraise for Soft Power Education. First and foremost… thank you very much. Second, all the information you should need to help you with

How do I fundraise?your event can be found on these pages. Whether you are fundraising prior to your trip to Uganda or whilst suffering from post-travelling blues – good luck!

Its as simple as 1-2-3… ok maybe not, it’ll need some work from you but we guarantee you’ll have a good time doing it:

  • Take a look at our Great Fundraising and A-Z of Fundraising Ideas for some inspiration from previous fundraisers.
  • Read through our website to make sure you know who you are fundraising for and where the money will go – people will ask!
  • Decide on an event
  • Get all your friends and family involved
  • Have fun raising money for Soft Power Education!

Why Fundraise?

We are only able to achieve so much in Uganda thanks to the generosity of our fundraisers. The money they raise goes to continue the work on School Infrastructure Project, the Alternative Education programmes and the Livelihoods initiatives. Without these funds we really wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

Why do I need to fundraise if I am volunteering?

We do ask anyone who would like to volunteer with us to fundraise and this amount depends on the type of Volunteering you are taking part in. This money covers the costs of the materials you use whilst volunteering – everything from paint to cement and fuel for the trucks are covered by your donation. Without your fundraising efforts we wouldn’t be able to buy the materials you will need when you get to Uganda.

Need more information?

We have now made it even easier for you to fundraise with our Fundraising Resources page, which contains all of the information you will need – photos, presentations, posters, leaflets… if there is anything missing then just let us know!

We are also now signed up to Just Giving which makes your fundraising as simple as 1-2-3!