If you’re reading this, it means you’ve decided to fundraise for, or are volunteering with, Soft Power Education. First and foremost, thank you. It is because of the ongoing generosity of fundraisers and volunteers like you that we are able to keep on working to improve quality of life through education at a grassroots level here in Uganda.

Why fundraise?

It’s simple. Fundraising is vital to ensure that our programmes can continue to run. That’s Alternative Education (our two pre-schools, SEN programme and LEAP), Livelihoods (empowering communities to develop their own eco-friendly income generating projects) and School Infrastructure (transforming government primary schools into safe, creative and inspiring learning environments).

As an organisation, we have minimum marketing costs, so speaking clearly and passionately about why you’ve chosen to support us also helps to raise our profile and encourage others to do the same.

Fundraising is also a great way for you to develop your transferable skills, and you might even have some fun along the way!

I’m a volunteer. Why do I need to fundraise?

Fundraising is a very important part of your as a SPE volunteer. It is really important that you understand our programmes and can speak clearly and passionately about why you have chosen to volunteer with us. We kindly ask anyone who would like to volunteer with us to fundraise ahead of their visit, and this amount depends on what type of volunteer you are.

If you are with us for one day, we ask for a donation of $25. This donation helps us cover the costs of your day (such as painting materials and transport for Aggrey, our Volunteer Coordinator) and helps to ensure the future of the programme.

If you are a long term volunteer, we ask for a donation of £90 per week of volunteering with us. Again, this donation helps to cover the costs of hosting you as a volunteer and keeps us running long after you have returned home. You

If you are a group volunteer, we set a minimum fundraising target of £700 per person. This fundraising goes directly to pay for the project you will be working on. For example, for buying building materials and paint, hiring tools and equipment and paying the building team’s wages. Any fundraising that is left over goes on to secure the future of our School Infrastructure Programme, meaning your impact is much wider than just the one or two primary schools that you are working at.

We understand that fundraising can be a daunting prospect to begin with, especially if you haven’t done it before. Don’t worry. We are here to help.




- Make sure you have read our website and volunteer information packs thoroughly so you understand exactly what you are fundraising for and where the money will go – people will ask;
- Get the latest news about our programmes by following us on Facebook and Instagram;
- Click to find out more about setting up an online fundraising page;
- Download our tailored Group and Long Term fundraising packs for our A-Z of fundraising ideas, FAQs and some fundraising do’s and don’ts.

A huge good luck as you embark of your fundraising journey. As a volunteer, it really is rewarding when you arrive and see exactly where your fundraising is spent and the children, families and wider communities who benefit. If you can’t get out to Uganda, stay updated with our programmes by adding yourself to our mailing list and choosing your contact preferences.