One Day Volunteering


What is the One Day Volunteering Programme?


Here at Soft Power Education we recognise that not everyone is in a position to stay in Uganda for an extended period of time and volunteer with us, so we established our very popular ‘One Day Volunteer’ Programme which does exactly what is says on the tin: an opportunity to volunteer with us for just one day.

Why do we run a One Day Volunteering Programme?

One Day Volunteers continue to be integral to Soft Power Education’s success. When we were founded in 1999, our success was solely thanks to generous donations of both money and time from One Day Volunteers. Individuals would stop in Jinja on their journey through Uganda, wanting to do a bit more than simply travel through. They would hear about the work of Soft Power Education and spend a day or two of their time assisting our building team with the work we were doing on the ground.

Many of the people who spend one day with us end up returning for an extended duration of several weeks or months with us at a later date – it’s always lovely to see returning faces!

How do I sign up?

If you are travelling independently and would like to join us for the day, fill in our contact form.

If you are already in Jinja then you just need to get yourself over to the Amagezi Education Centre in Bujagali (10 minute walk through Kyabirwa Village, just to the right of the NRE and River Camp campsites) and find our Volunteer Coordinator, Aggrey – he’s normally covered in paint and everyone knows him!




We will arrange for our Volunteer Coordinator, Aggrey, to meet you in the morning at one of the Bujagali capsites at 9am. Here he will give a brief chat about Soft Power Education – who we are, what we do – as well as checking you have everything you need for your day with us. From here you will tour some of our projects located in Bujagali.

First you will visit Kyabirwa Children’s Centre (KCC). KCC is the base for one of our pre-schools, as well as our Special Educational Needs (SEN) outreach clinic and SEN class. From here you will walk through the village up to the Amagezi Education Centre (AEC). For 10 years, the AEC was the home of our highly successful P6 Pupils’ Project which welcomed thousands of children from partner primary schools each year to come and experience hands on, interactive learning. The AEC is now home to the LEAP team who facilitate our brand new alternative education programme, Learning and Education for All.

From the AEC, you’ll be transported out to the partner school we are currently working at.

As a One Day Volunteer, you will be assisting with our on-going School Infrastructure Programme. You will spend the day helping to paint the classroom blocks we have recently renovated; working to create a safe, creative and inspiring learning environment for the children and teachers. One of our SIP programme targets is to renovate and refurbish all of the government primary schools in the Jinja district – to date we have worked at more than 50 schools!

The hosting school will provide lunch to thank you for your contribution to their school and you’ll do a little more work in the afternoon before heading back to your transport for the drive back to Bujagali.

We hope that the day you spend with us will not only help us to achieve the goals for Soft Power Education but allow you the opportunity to see a side of Uganda that you may not otherwise experience. Working within a local community is a unique opportunity to get under the surface of this beautiful country, and will hopefully see you returning again in the future or staying on with us as a Long Term Volunteer.

What do you need to bring?

A delicious local lunch is provided at the school, so all you need is drinking water, sun cream, a hat, camera and a small bit of money should you want to buy a soda or anything at the local trading centre.




We kindly request One Day Volunteers to make a donation of $25. This donation helps us cover the costs of your day (such as painting materials and transport for Aggrey, our Volunteer Coordinator) and helps to ensure the future of the programme so it can continue to run long after our volunteers have returned home.

We also have Soft Power Education t-shirts for sale as an extra souvenir of the time spent with us.