David Gordon

Hands of Help Volunteer November 2005 – January 2006


Working as a Hands of Help Volunteer (a charity from Australia) in conjunction with Soft Power Education in Bufuula was the greatest experience of my life. I’ve travelled to over thirty countries, but Uganda claims first place in my heart.

It was amazing to be immersed in a culture and way of life so vastly different to home and have it come to feel like home.

I will never forget the throngs of children jumping up and down and screaming “MUZUNGU!!!” (their word for “white person”, but not rude) whenever we passed, and lining up to play with us at the end of our day’s work.

I will never forget my local friends, who invited me to see their homes and way of life so different from my own, and the way they would engage me in meaningful conversations regularly, with true eagerness to hear my thoughts and share their own ideas.

I will never forget the piles of gifts of fruit, the dancing and singing, the smiles, or the words, English or Lusogan (local language) that made me feel more welcome and appreciated than I have ever felt before. I want to thank the wonderful people at Soft Power for facilitating such a fantastic experience and helping to make things run as smoothly as possible in a continent where nothing runs smoothly!