Sheila McCormack

Volunteer for Soft Power – she just keeps coming back!


I want to share with you an example of a

In January 2005 I did a presentation to 140 first year pupils (11-12 year olds) in Saint Dominic’s School in Belfast. During the presentation I told the girls about Soft Power’s history, aim and objectives, achievements, facts and figures about Uganda and the day to day work I carried out in the Special Needs Unit in Kyomya Primary School. Successful fundraiser…

I showed them powerpoint pictures of the children in the Special Needs Unit, their classroom before and after SP and the children having their hearing tested.

The photographs from Buwenda Pre-School for Orphans were a big hit!! The girls loved them!

I wanted the pupils to see a little snippet of my life in Uganda so I showed them photos of Jinja Market, flowers, fruit trees and my banda. The pupils asked so many questions they were so eager to learn about this little part of Africa.

At the end of the presentation we gave the girls a full tube of smarties each, they were so excited to receive free sweets! We asked them over the following two weeks to collect 5 pences, 20 pences and 1 pound coins, basically any coins that would fit in the tube. We worked out that 15 Pounds worth of 20pences filled the tube.

When the pupils returned the filled tubes we gave them a bookmark with the British Sign language Alphabet as a thank you for their hardwork.

In total they raised 785 Pounds, just under 2.5 Million Ugandan Shillings for Soft Power Education… A big thanks to Miss O’Hare and all the first year pupils of St Dominics School!!