Volunteer Groups

Volunteer Groups

leeds vols for websiteWhat is Group Volunteering?

As well as One Day Volunteers and Long Term Volunteers, we also welcome large groups of volunteers. Since 2004 we have been welcoming groups from Leeds University, Aston University and Middlesex University. Group sizes range from 10 people to 80 people!

We assign our groups a school to work at and they live on site from Monday to Friday. Depending on the number in the group and the amount they have fundraised the work can be anything from building a brand new classroom block to refurbishing an existing block or perhaps painting a block that we have already repaired. Living on site is a truly rewarding experience and allows the volunteers to become involved with every aspect of the school – helping in the classrooms, running sports activities and of course working on the refurbishment!

Since 2007, Leeds University groups have worked on the School Infrastructure Project under The Murchison Project and indeed their fundraising has allowed us to build 47 brand new classrooms at 17 Primary Schools in the Buliisa District. In addition they’ve also funded the refurbishment of a further 15 classrooms, built 25 pit latrine stanzas and painted more than 40 classrooms!

Living on Site



We ask each volunteer participating in the group programme to fundraise a minimum of £700. This might seem like a lot of money but it is very important to remember that we encourage our volunteers to fundraise this money. Not only does this mean that one individual doesn’t incur such a large cost but also it spreads the word about the work you’ll be doing with SPE and gets people thinking about Uganda in more detail. Most of our groups go far above and beyond the minimum fundraising target. Please remember the FUN in fundraising and make sure you do things that you enjoy – it will make everything a lot easier!

Please note that we do ask that you only fundraise for the £700 donation and not for your project fee, flights or living costs.

It is very important to note that by choosing to volunteer with SPE you are volunteering directly with a charity, meaning that any money donated goes directly to SPE projects and there is no money lost to middlemen, companies disguising themselves as charities or fancy advertising campaigns!

Food and transport:

We ask for £25 per week Project Fee for food and transport whilst on site. This means that we don’t need to use any money donated to cover these costs. Just think – that’s less that you’ll spend in a night out!

Other Costs:

Like our other volunteers, group volunteers also cover any personal expenditure whilst they are not living on site: food, transport, accommodation etc. We have a very comprehensive Group Volunteer Action Pack which gives some guidelines about extra costs.


It’s not all work and no play – our group volunteers have weekends free to enjoy the many delights that Uganda has to offer whether that is going on a safari, chimp trekking, rhino trekking, white water rafting or maybe just relaxing by the River Nile. We are more than happy to organise and book activities for your group at no extra cost – it’s our way of saying thank you for all the hard work you have done.

The most popular time for groups to visit is in the UK summer months (June – September) which coincides with the summer holidays in the UK. We can, however, work with groups at any time of the year.

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If you would like to bring a group out to work with Soft Power Education, please email volunteering@softpowereducation.com.