ICT/Library for Secondary Pupils

ICT/Library Sessions for Secondary Pupils

The Problem

n665660444_1814351_9719The ability to access information is crucial in enabling people to fight the causes of poverty; the rural poor in Uganda suffer directly from being disempowered through a lack of access to information leading to a lack of control over their own lives. The remote locations of rural communities lead to isolation and exclusion from decision making processes and development initiatives. Many students from rural areas complete senior four (S4) with no basic knowledge in computers and with no library skills whatsover. Our research has also shown that ICT is seen by people in rural communities as a specialist endeavour, which can only be understood and accessed by educated people from urban areas


  • To increase community knowledge and skills relating to ICT
  • To build the community capacity to access and utilise ICT facilities
  • To develop employment based skills

secondary project graduants 2013This project aims to build the capacity of secondary pupils to access and utilise our ICT facilities and library. Although they are all in education, most secondary schools do not have the facilities to teach these skills.

Courses are taught in the first two school holidays within the ICT and Library departments at the AEC.

writing an application letter or a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae.

Volunteering Opportunities

If you have experience in teaching ICT to beginners or you are proficient in ICT and have an interest in this project please contact volunteering@softpowereducation.com for details on how to volunteer.