Jinja Community Development Programme

TEFL graduation for websiteBased at the Amagezi Education Centre (AEC) and led by the AEC staff, the Community Development Programme (CDP) is aimed at educating communities in sustainable life skills and maximising the potential of the education centre.

Replicating the P6 Pupils’ Project‘s ethos of offering practical and interactive learning in a stimulating environment, our community programmes are open to the entire community. The AEC acts as an inspiring community centre with opportunities ranging from agriculture lessons to ICT to art and craft.

CDP offers several art and craft apprenticeship schemes through the Endowoza Arts Centre, ICT/Library skills classes for secondary pupils, English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) classes, an agriculture project involving parents of the pupils taking part in our P6 Pupil’s Project and a tailoring project. Click on the links below for more information: