My Life as…

…a Child with a Disability in Uganda

steveStephen: Something special about me is that I’m a twin! My sister and I were born prematurely but I can’t walk like her. I used to crawl but now I’ve learned to use crutches and splints. I like to play with balls even though I can’t kick with my feet. My father passed away but my mum loves me and takes care of my 5 siblings and me. She tries very hard. I attend school and the SEN Centre! I would like to be a doctor and help people with their problems.

jabelJabel: Have you ever had a seizure? They are not fun! I take epilepsy medicine but it makes me tired and I can’t pay attention or remember so well. I am 9 years old and my teachers say I am getting better at treating people kindly (this is not always an easy thing for me to do.) Small things like dancing make me happy. I just LOVE dancing! I’ve never met my real father but my stepfather is a good person!

jumaJuma: I’m 15 years old and like to study and draw. My father is no longer around so I live with my mum. I have Hydrocephalus and Sickle Cell Anemia. Mum reminds me to take medication each day. At first, school was difficult because some kids weren’t kind but after help from the SEN Centre, I’m back in school with more self-confidence. People say my social skills are improving too! I hope I can eat healthy foods and gain weight because I am small for my age.