Avogera Primary School


Avogera Primary School is located in the Ngwedo Sub County of Buliisa District, practically sitting on the entrance to Murchison Falls National Park! As you can see this school is in urgent need of our assistance and we are thrilled to be able to work there in partnership with the Leeds RAG students in 2015!

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Some key statistics:

  • 556 pupils are squeezed into just 7 classrooms giving an average classroom ration of 79.5.
  • 4 out of the 7 classrooms are below average and in need of renovation
  • 10 teachers work at the school yet there is only housing for 2 teachers on site.
  • Ngwedo is the nearest trading centre offering accommodation options and is 6.4kms away

And the good news?

This year we will

  • Build a brand new two classroom block
  • Build a brand new teachers’ house to accommodate two teachers
  • Renovate the existing classrooms

Take a look at our fabulous School Selection Infographic to see how we decided to work at this school in 2015