School Infrastructure

Jinja District

Education is a basic human right, fundamental to breaking the cycle of poverty and ensuring sustainable human development. By providing ALL children with quality primary education, governments will give individuals the opportunity and skills to lift themselves out of poverty.

Over 680 million children worldwide are enrolled in primary education, 6.5 million of them in Uganda alone. Whilst this has been a huge success story for the Government of Uganda’s Universal Primary Education programme, many children still do not complete primary school.

In January 1997, the Government of Uganda took a positive step forward by introducing Universal Primary Education (UPE). This allowed four children from every family the right to primary education free of charge. This inevitably led to a huge influx of new pupils which many primary schools were not prepared for. The result was a huge strain on teachers and resources, which in most cases were already lacking before UPE’s introduction.

Soft Power Education works with the Ministry of Education and local governments to achieve the second of the UN Millennium Development Goals to achieve Universal Primary Education.

Since 2003 we have been working to bring the primary schools up to government standard. After an initial assessment of the school we work in three phases;

  1. Refurbishing existing classrooms;
  2. Demolishing condemned classrooms and building new ones;
  3. Building additional classrooms.

Our volunteer groups are instrumental in fundraising for this work, and work alongside teams of local builders to dig foundations and build and plaster walls. Long and short term volunteers then assist us in the final phase of painting schools to give them a new lease of life.

To date we have worked at 51 schools in seven of Jinja District’s eight sub-counties. Click on the links below to see what we have achieved!

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A-Z of Jinja District schools


We have also worked at two schools outside of Jinja District, in Kayunga District and Jinja Municipality. We hope to work at further schools within these areas in the future.

Buliisa District

murch-psrpSince 2007 Soft Power Education has refurbished or built a total of 63 classrooms and 25 pit latrine stances at 16 schools across Buliisa District. We continue to work with the local government to increase the provision of free primary education in Buliisa, which as a result of substandard education infrastructure has some of the poorest education outcomes in the country. Read more about schools in Buliisa District.


The Buliisa District programme area has been supported since 2007 by students and volunteers from the University of Leeds Raise and Give (RAG) Society who have between all 500+ of them have raised in excess of £300,000. Additional funding has come from The Jephcott Charitable Trust (UK), Hands of Help (AUS) and Aston University RAG (UK). We are very grateful for their support which has allowed us to work at the following schools:

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A-Z of Buliisa District schools