Al-Swidiiq Primary School


Al-Swidiiq Primary School is the only Community School we have worked with in the Budondo Sub County. All of the other schools are Government Primary Schools. A Community School is run by the community with no assistance from the Government. We normally only work with the Government Schools because we know they will stay schools and not be turned into a profit making business as soon as we have completed a new building! However, Al-Swidiiq was different – the school has been open for a number of years and we truly felt they would use the classrooms for their intended purpose. They initially sought our assistance when their pit latrines collapsed and they were facing closure.

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The rest of the school was also in a pretty dire state. Happily though 2007 saw some incredible fundraising from the University of Limerick (over €7000) and from Australian couple Helen and Browny ($4500). This meant we could make a start at the school and with some additional funding from Kilimanjaro climbing Natacha Fudem and some others, we are pleased to say that we have now built a brand new 5 classroom block with teachers office and storeroom. This is a short movie made by Helen and Browny before we began work on the new block:

Our funding came at just the right time too as we had just received the 2007 PLE results and in spite of the appalling state of the classrooms and lack of facilites, this school achieved the best grades in the Budondo Sub County. It was perfect timing to be able to reward them for their hard work.

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Happily the new classroom block went up with unbelievable speed. In fact the building is now finished and we had a group of students from Carpe Diem who painted the new block.

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A large number of donations via the ever fundraising Dirk have also made this project possible; €3200 from Zandloper School in Mol; €500 from Solidariteitraad Beerse, Belgium and €2000 from Ronde Tafel, Mechelen, Belgium – thank you to everyone.


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Despite all the great work that has been done at this school, there is still an old classroom block and school hall that are in desperate need of attention (see below). Please keep all your wonderful fundraising going so we can get this project finished!

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