Bufuula Primary School


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Bufuula Primary School is one of the smaller schools within the sub-county. It is tucked off the road and down a track, past mud houses and goats on the way to a sugar cane field. The school uniform is pink and the school grounds are awash with the colour. There is no shade, just a large empty field flanked by 3 government standard classrooms and then a mess of buildings looking like large brick sheds, but are in fact classrooms. At least that is how it used to be!


In 2005 with the help of Hands of Help – a group of 16 medical students from Australia the school was transformed. The group raised a phenomenal US$25,000 through extensive fundraising efforts back in Sydney – including a dinner with the author and guest speaker, Bryce Courtney. They came to Uganda to assist us in our refurbishment of government schools and we set them to work at Bufuula. They were keen to get involved at grass root level; mixing cement, breaking rocks, plastering, painting and working on health workshops within the community. With their help and donation we placed them within the school, living and working on site.

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The school now has:

  • -432 pupils
  • -14 teachers
  • -11 classrooms
  • -21 pit latrines

Before Soft Power worked here the school had:

  1. 1. 11 Classrooms – 3 condemned
  2. 2. 12 Toilets
  3. 3. Water source – bore hole 50 metres away

With the funding and support received from Hands of Help and our team of Soft Power builders, the following has been done:

  • -Complete refurbishment of 4 classroom block
  • -Reconstruction of 3 classroom block
  • -Refurbishment of 6 stance pit latrine
  • -Internal and external painting of 10 classrooms inc teaching aids
  • -Refurbishment of office and storeroom
  • -Construction of thatched hut for shade
  • -Construction of benches around the school grounds
  • -Landscaping of school grounds

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