Buyala St Paul’s Primary School


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Buyala St Paul’s Primary School is tucked away, 4 kms from the road, in an area surrounded by banana plantations, agricultural land and mud huts.

Before Soft Power Education worked here the school had:-

  • 4 half built classrooms – they were using mud structures as classrooms
  • 3 pit latrines
  • Water source – spring 2 km away


However, with assisted funding from The Robein Groep and the support of fundraisers Catherine Ross and Sheri Brake, Soft Power has since done the following:-

  • Finished construction of a 4 classroom block including Headmasters office and store
  • Completed construction of a new 6 stance pit latrine
  • Internal and external painting of the entire school
  • Installation of 50,000 ltr underground water catchment tank
  • Construction of a new four classroom block (Sponsored by Robein Bank, Holland)
  • One acre of land bought (by Robein Bank, Holland) as a play area.

buyala-st-paul4 buyala-st-paul3

New four classroom block and 50,000 litre underground water catchment tank being built thanks to donations from The Robein Group and Sheri Brake


buyala-st-paul6 buyala-st-paul5

New six stance pit latrines – paid for by donations from Catherine Ross

hand-20washingAs part of our Sanitation Programme at the Amagezi Education Centre we have also recently installed another 5,000 litre water catchment tank which is attached to the roof of the pit latrine to collect water and serve as a hand washing facility. This was paid for by the students from The World Class Kayak Academy

Buyala St Paul’s has been a very lucky school with the amount of work we have been able to complete there and they now have

  • 497 pupils
  • 11 teachers
  • 12 classrooms
  • 10 pit latrines
  • 3 water catchment tanks