Kibibi Primary School



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Kibibi was the school we sent the very first Leeds Group to. Sara returned, as promised, after her previous summer bombing around in a very battered land cruiser helping Hannah. This time she came with friends – 14 of them! They came with over £7000 for four weeks in the summer of 2004 and worked alongside our builders at Kibibi Primary School.


Here we

  • Installed 2 x 8,000 litre water catchment tanks
  • Refurbished 3 classrooms
  • Constructed two brand new classrooms
  • Painted the entire school inside and outside including teaching aids

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The school now has

  • 1156 pupils
  • 12 classrooms
  • 16 teachers
  • 3 water catchment tanks
  • 15 pit latrines