Kyomya Primary School


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Kyomya Primary School is situated at the back of a large open playing field, dotted by trees. This school is unique in the sense that it has embraced children from the community with Special Educational Needs. Kyomya has a newly refurbished residential unit as well as newly trained staff to communicate with and teach the children, of which there are currently 24. For more information on the SEN Project at Kyomya Primary School, click here.

In the beginning Kyomya had very few government standard classrooms, resulting in overcrowded classrooms and lessons being taught outside.

Soft Power has worked at this site on and off for some time. Now it is finished the staff and pupils are calling it their ‘university’!

Before Soft Power Education worked here the school had:-

  • 6 classrooms up to government standard
  • 9 condemned classrooms
  • 13 pit latrine toilets
  • Water source – stream 2km away

During & After

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With the assistance of various individuals – Sheila McCormick, John and Jon, and groups of volunteers from Madventure and AVA’s

and donations from many people including the Ladies Circle of Mechelen, Belgium who donated 2000 Euros, Soft Power Education has done the following:-

  • Refurbished a classroom for children with Special Needskyomya5
  • Refurbished 8 further classrooms and an office
  • Painted teaching aids throughout the entire school
  • Internal and external decorating of 9 classrooms
  • Supply of teaching aids for Special Needs pupils
  • Refurbished the Headteacher’s office
  • Sight and hearing tests for all children who required it
  • Construction and painting of a dormitory for 24 Special Needs children and 2 matrons
  • 5000 litre water catchment tank for the dormitory

We continue to run the special needs dormitory (above) at this school, providing meals for all of the children, 2 matrons and a cook as well as beds and other furniture. This has only been possible thanks to on going fundraising from Sheila McCormick as well as donations from Millekmol in Belgium who fundraised 3000 Euros towards the building and on going running costs. Huge thank you’s to everyone involved in this venture.

In 2011 we returned to Kyomya with our team of one day volunteers and repainted the entire school, so that it now stands out as an immaculate and vibrant environment in which to learn…

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