Nakanyonyi Primary School


Our attention was first drawn to Nakanyonyi Primary School in 2007 when we partnered with another organisation to install a large underground water catchment tank for them. Since then we have seen just how fantastic this school is and how eager they are to create a self sustaining school with inspiring income generation projects in agriculture and livestock.

nakanyonyi-20kids-202 nakanyonyi-20garden-202

This school has the highest enrolment of all of the schools we have worked at – more than 2500 children! Just take a look at all those kids above!


Nakanyonyi Primary School has been lucky in 2010 to enjoy the following work from Soft Power Education:

- Refurbishment of 4 classrooms (funded by Bob The Girl and all her supporters!)
- A brand new 3 classroom block (funded by Paul and Alison’s wedding donations)
- Painting of the entire school inside (the school had already painted most of the outsides of the buildings)
Thank you to everyone who has been involved in making this school look so fantastic.

refurb-20works-20in-20progress nakanyonyi-20refurbed-20block

A special mention must go to 11 year old Alfie who helped to fundraise for the refurbishment works at this school (above) along with a whole heap of Bob’s friends. He even came out to Uganda to see the work for himself!

vols-20scrub-20the-20walls inside-20nak-20classroom


nakanyonyi1 nakanyonyi2

nakanyonyi4 nakanyonyi3

Here is the finished classroom block, inside (right) and out (left). Two of the classrooms are linked by doors between the classrooms allowing the ‘double classroom’ to also be used as a hall for exams.