Bugoigo Primary School


Bugoigo Primary School is located in lower Buliisa on the planes surrounding Murchison Falls National Park. The school is situated in a fishing village on the banks of the beautiful Lake Albert. In the 2012 SPE School Survey, the school had an enrolment of 922 pupils with 9 classrooms. With 5 of these classrooms in an unusable condition, all of these pupils were essentially being taught in just 4 classrooms. Such a high pupil:classroom ratio meant that this school was in the top 5 schools needing our assistance for 2013.

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Once again, Leeds University achieved some incredible fundraising and came to Uganda with over 80 volunteers split across two months. Such large numbers meant we were able to completely renovate an almost condemned three classroom block and we mean completely – the old roof came off, a ring beam was put in and a new roof put on as well as relaying the floor and rescreeding all of the walls. In addition, we were also able to build a brand new two classroom block, essentially giving the school five new classrooms! This work would not have been possible without the incredible fundraising and hard work of the Leeds volunteers so a huge thank you to them!

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The school was a pleasure to work with and the head teacher, Nelson, was extremely accommodating – we’re certain that the classrooms will be well looked after.

Whilst we have been able to improve the conditions at this school, there is much more work to be done so potential remains for us to return in future years to continue with the programme and further reduce the high numbers of pupils in each classroom.