Mpambwe Primary School


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Mpambwe Primary School lies deep in the village surrounded by sugar cane fields and far from anywhere! They were seriously lacking facilities and had lessons taking place under trees as well as in a very dilapidated church building. We received a request from the Local Chairman (LC5) of Jinja District to work at this school as well as Mpungwe Primary School and Kiresa Primary School which were all community schools at the time. Now that they all have permanent classroom structures, their applications for government status are well underway.

In 2009 we had a group of the Aston 2009 volunteers living on site there and they assisted our builders in building a brand new 3 classroom block.


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In 2010 the school hosted 12 volunteers from Upton Hall School in Liverpool. These 12 fundraised a massive £6000 and lived on site for 3 weeks successfully painting the new 3 classrooms inside, outside and teaching aids on the walls.


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With incredible support from their school in Liverpool, the girls were also able to bring with them some great sporting resources which were donated to the school. Just look how much fun the kids had with the parachute!

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