Namaganga Primary School


Namaganga Primary School is set in the Sub County of Busede near the border of the Kamuli District. Before Soft Power Education worked here they only had 14 classrooms and many of them needed repairs. Namaganga is a very large school with 1402 pupil and only 28 teachers (2013).

namaganga1 namaganga2


Soft Power Education first worked at the school in July 2012 with the help of volunteers from Aston University who were able to fundraise enough money to build a three classroom block – which certainly helped with the growing number of students attending, well done Aston!!

namaganga4 namaganga3namaganga5 namaganga6

Namaganga was very lucky as in the Summer of 2013 two more schools groups Godalming & Woking and Tomlinscote were able to fundraise enough money for repairs to be done on some of the classrooms as well as being able to paint the classroom block that Aston University had built the year before along with two other classroom blocks.


Now the classrooms really stand out with their beautiful paint job!

namaganga7 namaganga8

namaganga13 namaganga12 namaganga11

There’s still plenty of work that needs completing at the school with six classrooms in need of major refurbishment.

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