Busoona Primary School


When we first visited Busoona Primary School back in 2004, it was in a complete state as you can see from the photos and video clip below. With the help of volunteer John Whitney, we made the video as a fundraising tool to help us assist this school, which was very much in need of our help.

busoona2 busoona1


Thanks to a large donation from Societe Generale we were able to do the following

  • -Demolish a condemned 4 classroom block
  • -Rebuild the above 4 classroom block
  • -Refurbish the existing classrooms
  • -Paint the entire school inside and out

The school now has over 1200 pupils enjoying 22 glorious classrooms in a large compound.

2010 has seen the building of a new 3 classroom block thanks to funding from the Aston University 2010 group, work is due to be finished by the end of November!

busoona6 busoona5busoona3 busoona4


busoona8 busoona7