Butagaya Primary School


Butagaya Primary School is located in the heart of the Butagaya Sub County. They have been patiently ‘waiting for Soft Power Education’ since 2005 when we first visited them. At that time the school was in a dilapidated state with a massive 7 classroom block needing complete refurbishment, which we simply couldn’t afford. Many of the other classrooms were also needing major repair works. The school patiently waited as many of the smaller schools around them received our assistance until finally at the end of 2012 we were able to take them the good news that we had received some funding for their school! Jubilant cries could be heard across the sub-county!

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At the beginning of 2013, the school had 1052 pupils squashed into just 13 classrooms. With an average of 80 children per classroom and indeed many of these classrooms unfit for children to learn in, SPE happily channelled some incredible fundraising from ‘The Kiwi Group’ to the school.

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Whilst there was not enough to refurbish the entire 7 classroom block, there was enough to demolish a section of it and rebuild 2 classrooms. A massive thank you to Catherine Hamlin who instigated this amazing group from Auckland University and a huge thank you to everyone who supported them in raising enough to build this new block. In August 2013, Butagaya Primary School continued to enjoy SPE support with funding from the 2013 Aston University Group. They fundraised a wonderful £5500 to add on another classroom to the 2 classrooms built by the Kiwis at the beginning of the year. Furthermore, thanks to their funding we were also able to carry out all the minor repairs on the other classroom blocks and give the whole school a shiny new paint job with teachings aids throughout the school.

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Butagaya Primary School is now looking incredibly with pupils and teachers thoroughly enjoying the new environment!


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A final thank you goes to the group from Carpe Diem who came to paint the new building!

Pending Work

We are delighted to be returning to Butagaya Primary School in 2015. With some incredible fundraising from the Berkshire Scouts we will be demolishing this condemned building and replacing it with a shiny new three classroom block. In fact, demolition is already well under way!

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Be sure to check back regularly over the coming months as we keep you updated on the final phase at this school.