Imaam Hassan Primary School


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Imaam Hassan Primary School lies just off the main road in the heart of the Butagaya Sub County. It has a huge football pitch in front of the school which is always bustling with kids. The school has 7 classrooms which were very run down and showing their age. In the summer of 2011 we were able to carry out a major refurbishment of all 7 classrooms and get them painted as well.


The work was possible thanks to volunteers from Aston University and to our very own Kibii who ran the London Marathon back in April. Both the Aston group and Kibii each raised over £6000 allowing us to carry out the work at Imaam Hassan.

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The refurbishment was carried out in late May so the new building was ready for the Aston group to paint when they visited in June. They manged a beautiful paint job in the 4 weeks they spent here – they also made some great friends at the school, getting involved in games whenever they could!

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A huge thank you to Aston students, to Kibii and to everyone who supported them along the way!