Kiwagama Primary School


Soft Power first worked at Kiwagama in the summer of 2011. Before Soft Power worked here, they had 8 classroom blocks in need of painting. There was also an old brick block that was in dire condition. The school has 327 pupils and 7 teachers so we felt they overdue some help.

kiwagama2 kiwagama1


They asked us to paint the existing classrooms, and build two new classrooms. With some brilliant fundraising efforts from the Middlesex University group we were able to make this a reality. The volunteers came out in June and spent 4 weeks painting the existing blocks whilst the builders worked on a new classroom block. They knocked down the delapidated building and set about building 2 new classrooms and a new pit latrine.

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After just a few weeks, the classrooms were showing off a brilliant new colour scheme and the new 2 classroom block was standing tall. It was a fantastic effort from the volunteers and the builders to get so much done in a short space of time. Thanks again to Middlesex University!

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