Lubani Primary School


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Lubani Primary School is the furthest away from Jinja town along the dusty and bumpy Budondo road. Like several of the schools we have worked at, Lubani sits on top of a steep hill commanding a stunning view over the lush green fields of the Butagaya sub county. This school patiently waited until 2010 to be added to the Refurbishment Programme and we are very pleased to say that we have renovated a 4 classroom block thanks to the incredible fundraising and hard work of the Middlesex 2010 Crew!

The school had actually abandoned this block due to an infestation of sand fleas which were seriously disrupting both teaching and learning. The block has been fully refurbished and with the help of a group from Carpe Diem in September 2010 we have also now painted the block.

During & After

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At Lubani there is still a dilapidated school hall (below left) as well as several classroom blocks in need of renovations and one that needs demolishing (below right), keep the fundraising coming and we hope to be able to turn this school into the finished article! hall old-20block2 lubani-20before-201 lubani-20before-202