Namagera Primary School


Namagera Primary School has been lucky of late… we have built classrooms, refurbished classrooms, and painted. The school lies in the middle of the Namagera trading centre and is truly the heart of the community.

namagera1 namagera2

During and After

namagera3 namagera6

The parents of the school children started building the above 6 classroom block but were unable to finish the work. Thanks to a donation from Diane Everest, fundraising from Patricia McNeela and continued support from Kings Lynn Nursery School (care of volunteer Emma Manning) we were able to finish the work on this block for them.Some of long term volunteers and one day volunteers were then able to paint the entire building. Thank you to everyone who donated and contributed manpower to this project.

Summer 2007 saw a group of volunteers going out to live at the school to work on the refurbishment there and it looks like they had a great time…

namagera4 namagera5

Thanks to their hard work and donations we have now achieved the following:

  • Painted 8 classrooms inside and out
  • Refurbished two of the classrooms by replacing their floors
  • Finished a 6 classroom block started by the parents and now also painted