Wansimba Primary School


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With a large group of volunteers from Madventure, we revamped this school in the early part of 2005.  The school can be accessed by a variety of paths, bordered by a large community.

In 2005, Soft Power completed the following:-

  • -Refurbished a 3 classroom block
  • -Painted the entire school inside and out


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Due to very high enrolment with most classrooms hosting well over 100 children, SPE returned in 2010 and added a new 3 classroom block The three classrooms are all linked by doors enabling the three classrooms to also double up as a spacious school hall, which can be used for examinations. Thanks to Paul Daniels and the RJW crew for their fantastic fundraising, and to Aston University for their hard work assisting the builders.

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SPE returned to the school this summer (2011) to put the final touches on the building with a lovely lick of paint. A special thanks to all the one day and long term volunteers who helped to do this as well as the volunteers from Spring Arbor University. Check out the photos below to see the fully finished and painted building:

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