Kalebera Primary School


Kalebera Primary School lies just off of the Jinja-Kamuli highway. We had not ventured into the sub county and the school was brought to our attention thanks to some new friends at NEMACY Uganda. We visited the school and we fell in love!

Kalebera PS before website Kalebera PS before website 1 Kalebera PS before website 2 Kalebera PS before website 3

As you can see from the photos above, the school was nothing new – crumbling grey buildings, pupils overflowing out of classrooms and even pupils learning in temporary structures. But, what we did find was the most inspiring head teacher in the district! His pupils achieve some of the highest grades in the district, every single space is being utilised for teaching and ingenious solutions have been found – just take a look at the location of their library!

Kalebera Ingenious Library website Kalebera Ingenious Library website1

Thanks to a very generous individual in 2015 we will begin a multi phase project at this school. Repairs to all the existing classrooms have been completed, volunteers arriving in July will paint the entire school and assist the SPE building crew to build a brand new two classroom block and there just might be a third phase later this year!


The first task of repairing the existing classrooms has been completed, pupils are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the volunteers to paint these classrooms and begin building their new classroom block! Check back soon for updates!

Kalebera bricks ready website Kalebera pupils website Kalebera repair works website Kalebera repair works website1