Mawoito Primary School


 Mawoito PS before SPE website Mawoito PS before SPE website 1

Mawoito Primary School lies just off of the Jinja-Kamuli road and is surrounded by beautiful lush green fields where all you can hear is the happy chatter of children and the sounds of the village! This school first applied to us in 2008 but at that time we did not have the funding to complete any work at the school. They patiently waited and happily in 2010, thanks to the fundraising of the Aston University students, we were able to begin the first phase of this project.

Mawoito Primary School has a massive enrolment for a fairly small school:


P1 P2 P3 P4 P5 P6 P7 Total
No of Pupils 138 146  162  208 112 146 93 1005

They have 20 teachers but just 10 classrooms meaning that each classroom has over 100 pupils.


The first phase was to demolish two of the condemned classrooms and rebuild them. This began in the summer of 2010 as you can see from the pictures below.

Huge thanks to all the Aston Uni volunteers for their fundraising and hard work on this project.

mawoito2 new-20block-20mawoito-202010-20websiteteam-20mawoito-20website fun-20and-20games-20mawoito

A fantastic farewell assembly was given by the school to say thank you to the Aston volunteers who were all very sad to leave.

thank-20you-20aston thank-20you-20aston-202

 Mawoito new building 2012 website Mawoito new building 2012 website1

In 2012 Mawoito Primary School was lucky once again and received some further funding to demolish and rebuild the remaining condemned classrooms thanks to incredible fundraising from Pat McGill.

Mawoito 2012 building website 1 Mawoito 2012 building website 2

Pat’s enthusiasm didn’t stop there! Since then he has also fundraised to install a water tank,  build our pilot staff house, renovate the kitchen and install a fuel efficient stove! Take a look in the ‘After’ tab to see the results.

Mawoito water tank website Mawoito staff house website Mawoito Teacher Accommodation website (1) Mawoito kitchen website


Aston University returned once more in June 2011 to paint the school. It was a nice continuation for the students and the project they run has made a significant difference to Mawoito Primary School.

Mawoito painted website Mawoito painted website 1

The pilot staff house built here was a huge success and has lead to a further three staff houses being built in 2015.

Mawoito painted staff house website Mawoito painted staff house website1 Mawoito stove website Mawoito stove website2