Mutai Primary School


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Mutai Primary School is a 45 minute drive from Jinja town. The main road carries you past agricultural land, small trading centres, over large speed humps and through enormous pot holes. The school stands proudly adjacent to its playing field, next to the road – Soft Power’s logo jumps out at everyone who passes. It was the first of the 20 government schools that we helped and this was as much to do with the dire state of the school as well as Hannah’s friendship with the Headmaster, Mr John Bosco. John had been the head teacher of Kyabirwa Primary School and no sooner had he effectively turned the school around he was transferred to Mutai, a school that needed a supportive and inspiring head teacher. Unfortunately the school also needed a school.

Before Soft Power Education worked here the school had:-

  • -4 government standard classrooms
  • -11 condemned classrooms
  • -15 pit latrine toilets
  • -Water source – stream 1km away

During and After

Mutai-20with-20kids Mutai-20pax-20taking-20class2

To date, we have done the following:-

  • -Completion of 5 offices, library and staff room
  • -Refurbished 17 classrooms
  • -Installation of 2 x 8,000ltr water catchment system
  • -Internal and external decorating of 17 classrooms, including teaching aids throughout
  • -Ran a successful voluntary Youth Training Scheme for young males in the community
  • -Provided books, shelves and teaching aids for the library
  • -Landscaping of school

In January 2006 the Jackson Kayaking Team came over from the USA. Not only did they come to kayak the Nile, but Emily Jackson (a 15 year old professional kayaker) came to help Soft Power having saved up some of her prize winnings to donate to the charity.

In 2011 we returned to Mutai to give it a much needed face lift. The one day volunteers and long term volunteers spent three long months repainting this massive school and now the whole place looks a million times better..

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