Kakora Primary School


Kakora is located around 5km from Ngwedo trading centre. It is one of the most remote schools we work at as it is halfway between the main roads running alongside Lake Albert and into Murchison Falls National Park. The access roads to the site are also very basic and see very little passing traffic. All this means the school feels very isolated; providing a great experience for the volunteers.

Soft Power first worked here in 2009 when groups of Leeds volunteers built a 3 classroom block. Before this, there was one existing government block housing two classrooms and an office. However, teaching still took place in the mud huts shown below.

kakora-205 old-20classrooms


The two groups worked hard for 4 weeks each, shovelling cement and digging foundations. They formed a great team alongside the local builders and together managed to quickly get the classroom block finished alongside the existing classrooms. This meant that Kakoora school now has 5 classrooms in which to teach their P1 to P5 lessons. Fingers crossed, either Soft Power or the government will be back to build classrooms for P6 and P7 classes.

kakora-204 kakora-206

kakora-202 kakora-203

More Leeds volunteers returned in 2011 to paint the block built by the group in 2009. The colour scheme was chosen to match that which already existed on the old block. This meant a maroon border up to the windows and a nice bright blue from the windows to the roof. The volunteers also painted teaching aids inside the classrooms leaving the school looking lovely.


Painted1 Painted2

Teaching-20Aids-201 Teaching-20Aids-202