Katodio Primary School


A brand new community school for Soft Power in 2011. Katodio Primary School is located near the fishing village of Wanseko in the Bulisa district. It is very close to the delta of the Victoria Nile and Lake Albert and therefore a very beatuiful site. After another year of excellent fundriaisng, some of the Leeds University volunteers helped to build the first classroom block at this school. Before the project, lessons were held under trees around the village – our volunteers were able to offer a helping hand with some of the teaching.

teaching-20katodio teaching1


The volunteers were welcomed by the local community and they offered their local church for the group to sleep in whilst working on the new building. This meant spacious but very basic living for the volunteers – something which they adapted to very well! The local kids were fascinated by the arrival of 15 mzungus (white people!) in their village and spent a lot of time peering into the living quarters of the volunteers!

katodio-20beds kids-20looking-20in

After settling in, the volunteers worked well with the local builders, lending their assistance when and wherever they could. A few minor delays slowed the progress of the school build, however, we are pleased to report that the building is now nearing completion. Fingers crossed that Katodio will now be recognised formally by the government meaning they will provide desks, equipment and pay wages for the teachers.

volunteers-20digging laying-20bricks