Kijumbya Primary School

Before & During

After a year of hard fundraising, two months worth of Leeds University groups arrived in Kijumbya in Summer 2010. On top of spending four weeks each working hard, the groups also lived, ate, chilled and played on site, sleeping on the floor of a church kindly offered by the local community adjacent to the building site.

working-203 working-20compressed

The two groups arrived in Buliisa district in the Summer of 2010 - armed with working gloves and ready to get working. They worked for four weeks each, digging foundations, carting around bricks and building materials, helping the local builders (and even getting some help themselves from some of the local kids!). Don’t worry though, they still had plenty of time to relax though!

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After eight weeks work, and £40,000 in fundraising, a 2-classroom block and a 3-classroom block stood tall in the Buliisa countryside.

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It wasn’t all hardwork for our volunteers, they spent plenty of time playing with the kids, getting to know the locals, playing football against local teams and going off on weekend trips.

football-201 football-202

rafting murch

In the summer of 2011 we were fortunate enought to have a HUGE team of volunteers ready and willing to paint Kijumbya. A partnership between Forge Valley School in Sheffield, UK and Kibuli Secondary School from Kampala, Uganda led to an expedition to Uganda from the school in the UK organised by Face Africa. The two schools came to Murchison, armed to the teeth with paintbrushes and rollers. The 50-strong team quickly set about painting the two classroom blocks and had the job finished in 5 days and  Kijumbya is now looking sparkling in its new blue and black colour scheme. Following their departure, another group of Leeds volunteers arrived to paint the teaching aids inside the classrooms and completing Soft Power’s work at Kijumbya for now.

Face-20Africa-20Outside Face-20Africa-20Inside


maps Leeds-20Group

Face-20Africa Kijumbya-20Complete

 A massive thank you to Leeds University, Forge Valley and Kibuli Schools for making this all possible!