Kisansya Primary School


Kisansya Primary School lies on the main road between Buliisa town and Wanseko town. It is the largest primary school in the entire Buliisa district with 1344 pupils and lies on a huge piece of land. Despite this, it only has 11 functioning classrooms meaning an average of 122 kids per classroom. In addition to this, many of the classrooms were looking worse for wear and others very delapidated.

 kids-20in-20class2 old-20block3

kisansya-20no-20roof kisansya-20site


We therefore felt that Soft Power should support the school by building a 3 classroom block here. The ever faithful Leeds group were posted here in the summer of 2011 to assist builders in the construction of the new block. The 1000 plus kids provided a fantastic welcome and the volunteers quickly felt at home. They formed a great team with the builders and were really able to get stuck into the work.

 foundations kisansya-20digging

building-20progress volunteers-20and-20builders