Butiki Primary School


The pupils here wear a bright pink uniform. During the summer of 2005 we were assisted in our work by a group of 8 volunteers from Madventure. They lived within the community and worked for 5 weeks at the school.

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Before we came to Butiki the school had:-.

  • -950 pupils
  • -26 teachers
  • -6 classrooms – 3 more under construction
  • -12 pit latrine toilets
  • -Water source – a spring 1km away



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Soft Power has since done the following:-

  • -Completed refurbishment of 5 classrooms
  • -Completed refurbishment of an office block and library
  • -Installed a 50,000 litre underground water catchment tank

-Painted the entire school inside and out including teaching aids


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In 2009 we built 2 more classrooms in response to the huge enrolment at this school. The whole school enjoyed a fresh coat of paint too! This year they have been lucky to recieve a further 2 classrooms thanks to the incredible fundraising of Josh and Jeremy (right). They came in August 2010 and have helped the builders with everything from digging foundations to plastering the walls. A huge thank you to all Josh and Jeremy’s friends and family back in Australia for making this possible!

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