Buwenda Primary School


Buwenda Primary School is on the edge of Budondo Sub-county, half way between Jinja town and Bujagali Falls but actually falls into Mafubira Sub-county. The school sits on top of a hill with a very impressive view out over the River Nile.

Before Soft Power Education worked here the school had:-

  • -894 pupils
  • -21 teachers
  • -11 classrooms – 4 of which are condemned
  • -10 pit latrine toilets
  • -Water source – 1 km away

Buwenda pre school before refurb (1) Buwenda-20pre-20school-20before-20refurb


With volunteers from Madventure and a large donation from The Rice family – aided by Fran and Collen – Soft Power has done the following:-

  • -Construction of a 12 stance pit latrine
  • -Complete refurbishment of 3 classrooms
  • -Internal and external painting of all classrooms including teaching aids
  • -Installation of a 8,000 ltr water catchment system
  • -Ran a successful voluntary Youth Training Scheme for young males in the community
  • -Completed the construction of a brand new three classroom block (after demolition of a condemned block).

Building work at Buwenda pre school (13) Building work at Buwenda pre school (2)


Buwenda primary school finished (3) Buwenda-20primary-20school-20finished