Kalungami Primary School


Kalungami Primary School is located in the Mafubira Sub County and is a lovely little school surrounded by sugar cane fields. When Soft Power Education first visited Kalungami Primary School, it had 516 pupils and 10 teachers with only 9 classrooms – 5 of which were in great need of repair!

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During and After

In the summer of 2013, the school was lucky enough to host our group from Middlesex University and Birmingham University, who had fundraised enough money to repair those 5 dilapidated classrooms and also to paint the rest of the school. The group was hard working and in their four weeks living on site they were able to complete the refurbishment work working alongside a team of Soft Power Education builders as well as paint the rest of the school including a beautiful tree on the outside wall. Thank you again to the Middlesex and Birmingham volunteers for all their hard work.

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Kalungami Primary school enjoyed further support when they were joined once again in September 2013 by a Carpe Diem group who came to finish what Middlesex and Birmingham had started. The block they had refurbished was dry and ready to paint. The Carpe Diem volunteers worked extremely quickly and managed to finish all the painting in just 6 days! Well done Carpe Diem.

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