Mafubira Primary School


 This school lies half a kilometre off the busy road from Jinja to Kamuli. It has a slightly odd layout, with one building at one end of the compound far away from the others. This school joined our Refurbishment Programme in 2010.

DSC06258 DSC06263


 Some minor repairs were needed before we could paint the school. With the exception of the hall, all of the classrooms have now been painted. At Mafubira there are now 10 refurbished classrooms, which currently house 1244 pupils and 20 teachers.

Thanks to a huge number of one day volunteers and long term volunteers in 2010, the school has been transformed!

mafubira10 mafubira11

Thanks to our long term and one day volunteers for getting this school looking so smart! The main school hall is still, however, in desperate need of major refurbishment (below), with your continued support we hope to continue with this work in the future!

mafubira4 mafubira12