Nagawa Primary School


Nagawa Memorial Primary School is one of the few private schools we have worked at. The projects at this school were in partnership with a fantastic group of Scouts from the UK. They fundraised a huge amount of money to uplift this school.

IMG_4611 Nagawa before

During a visit in 2011, we visited several schools with the leaders of the group looking for the perfect project. At Nagawa Memorial School, we found a huge number of children crammed into several wooden structures but we also found that the school had raised enough themselves to start building a permanent block.


IMG_1113 IMG_1110

The Scouts raised enough to build a brand new 3 classroom block (below left), a 5 stance pit latrine and enough to render the building the school had built (below right).

new block Nagawa refurb block Nagawa

IMG_4600 IMG_4621


What a transformation!

P1010534  P1010530

P1010531 P1010533

P1010527 P1010526P1010540 P1010538

A massive thank you and well done to all of the Scouts and we look forward to the next project!