Ngwedo Primary School


Ngwedo Primary School is one of the largest in Buliisa District with over 1,000 pupils and lies just 2km from the boundary of Murchison Falls National Park.

We first worked at Ngwedo Primary in 2008 when a group of volunteers from the University of Leeds constructed a two classroom block to ease classroom congestion at the school. Six years on and enrolment figures had increased again, leaving the average pupil to classroom ratio at over 130 pupils per classroom! In June 2014 we returned to Ngwedo Primary with another group from University of Leeds and Aston University to construct a three classroom block.

ngwedo2 ngwedo1


The 2008 Leeds volunteers came in two groups and each group spent a month in Uganda. On site they worked hard alongside the Ugandan builders laying bricks, mixing cement and realising how hard it is to work in 40 degree heat!
ngwedo4 ngwedo3

In 2014 our Leeds and Aston volunteers’ fundraising made it possible to construct three brand new classrooms, including two that can be interlinked to form a school hall or examination room. Between June and August and under the guidance of foreman Yasin and our builders, volunteers rolled up their sleeves and got dirty making bricks, digging trenches, forming reinforcement beams and laying bricks.

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Following the 2008 construction, we returned to paint the two classroom block with Leeds volunteers in 2009. They also painted some fantastic teaching aids on the interior classroom walls.

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And here is some photos from the 2014 construction project.

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