Nyamakuta Primary School


first-20Nyamakuta-20block-20being-20builtNyamakuta Primary School sits alongside Lake Albert and is now a Government Primary School. Previously it was a community school and before we began working there they were learning under very basic conditions. We first began work at this school with the assistance of Hands of Help in 2008/9 who paid for the first 3 classroom block (below)

Hands of Help also paid for some pit latrines to be installed. Due to the sandy nature of the soil in this region it was decided that plastic pit latrines should be used. A 20ft hole underneath still has to be dug though!

During and After

digging-20pit-20latrines plastic-20pit-20latrines

With the help of the Leeds crew 2009 we were able to paint this classroom block and then with the Leeds Crew 2010 we were able to build another 2 classroom block with office and store (below)

nyamakuta nyamakuta1

2010-20block-20nyamakuta nyamakuta-20kids

The school was so excited to have another 2 classrooms that they could barely wait for the cement to dry before moving in!

A huge thank you to the Leeds Crews over the last 3 years and to Hands of Help for turning this very small community school into a thriving school on the lakeshore.

The school also took part in a community football match hosted in Kibambura Village in August 2010 alongside some of Leeds volunteers!

football-20team site2