Paraa Primary School


paraa-20beforeWhen we first visited Paraa Primary School we were shocked at the conditions. The main school building had a ceiling and above that several hundred bats had set up residence. The smell and noise were unbearable to us but worse than that unusable for classes and we knew this school had to be a priority. It is the only school within the boundaries of the National Park. At last count there were 494 pupils made up of 281 boys and 213 girls most of whom are the children of UWA staff and others working within the National Park. As you can see on the left the nursery classroom was completely run down and in need of some attention. Thanks to some hard working students from Leeds University, the nursery classroom as well as 7 other classrooms were completely refurbished, the whole school was painted inside and out and an 8000 litre water catchment tank was installed.



group-20at-20paraa students-20at-20work

Paraa was also lucky to have had two volunteers paint fresh teaching aids on the outside of the main school building. Many thanks to Lyndsey and Natacha for their hard work.


natacha-20and-20lindsey paraa-20primary-20schoolMap-20Uganda giraffe-20teaching-20aid