St John Bosco Primary School


St John Bosco Primary School is in Busingiro in Biiso Sub County. When we first visited this school back in 2009, they just had two very simple grass thatched structures and were in desperate need of our assistance.
The decision to build at this school was an easy one given the lack of suitable structures but the added benefit of building here meant that a huge amount of pressure could be taken off of the P1, P2 and P3 classes at the nearby St Joseph Busingiro Primary School, which was just about ready to burst at the seams!

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Happily in 2012 incredible fundraising from Leeds University meant that we were able to build a brand new three classroom block with office and store. Thanks to some additional fundraising from JJ Black, we were also able to give them a block of much need pit latrines too.

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In the summer of 2013, Leeds volunteers returned and did an incredible job painting the new building. Thank you to all of the Leeds volunteers for their incredible fundraising and hardwork. We look forward to seeing great things from this school.