Naminya Primary School


before-20paintingjpg Naminya Primary School is the first school we have worked with on ‘the other side of the river’! The actual school is tucked away from the road but many of the younger children have to cross the busy road to reach it.

This problem was exasperated when construction of the new Bujagali dam began with huge lorries thundering their way past and posing a real threat to small children crossing the road.

It was for this safety reason that we decided to construct an ‘annex’ to the Primary School for P1,P2 and P3 on the other side of the road to prevent the littliest kids from having to cross the busy road.




carpe-20diem-20group pit-20latrines-20before-20painting

The entire project was funded by Robein Group. We had a group of American students from the Carpe Diem group who came to help us build and then a group of long term volunteers went there to paint.


naminy-20annex freshly-20painted-20insidejpg

 With the help of all these people we have:

  • -Built a 3 classroom annex to the main school
  • -Built an office and store room
  • -Built a 7 stance pit latrine
  • -Painted the new annex building and pit latrines inside and out