Walukuba West Primary School



Walukuba West lies in the industrial area of Jinja town and this is the first ‘non rural’ school we have worked at. Our attention was brought to this school because of the Deaf Unit.


There are a very limited number of schools with special needs facitilies and they are nearly always in need of assistance. The special needs children in Uganda are seriously marginalised and disadvantaged so we jumped at the chance to be able to assist these children.




We welcomed our first group from Middlesex Univeristy in May 2008 and they spent two weeks refurbishing and painting the deaf unit classroom with some incredible sign language teaching aids (above). The photo below left is our group from Middlesex as well as two long termers Nathan and Adam. Photo below right shows a group of our long term volunteers who we sent out to live on site at the school to carry on with the work the Middlesex crew started. The long termers painted the rest of the school and gave the whole compound a fresh lease of life.

DSC02768 P8130047


These are just some of the incredible teaching aids that have been painted

DSC02934 DSC03004

lo-20res P1040553

The school provides boarding facilities for some of the deaf pupils and it was these buildings (above) which prompted us into action. They were in an awful state with a bat infested roof, asbestos roofing sheets, no natural light and damp conditions. We are lucky to enjoy the support of Lewis Silkin who held a Charity Auction at Bonhams, London in September 2008 raising an incredible £32,000, enabling us to fully renovate and refurbish these dormitory facilities. Just have a look below at how fantastic the dorms now look! A huge thank you to the Middlesex University 2009 crew who worked alongside our builders to renovate the rooms and then did the amazing paint job!

boys-20dorms-20with-20nets dorms-20painted

Walukuba West Primary School is now fully incorporated into the Soft Power Education Special Needs Project with 1 class dedicated to the deaf children and 2 classes for children with a wide range of disabilities. 36 of these children are catered for in the dormitories, looked after by 3 matrons.

A fantastic physiotherapy room has also been added and a special mention must go to Kit for Kids Ltd who supplied some of the fabulous equipment.

WW-20SEN-20kids-20play-20therapy-20lo-20res physio-20room-20after

To date we have achieved the following at Walukuba West Primary School:

  • -Refurbished and painted the deaf classroom including Sign Language teaching aids on the walls
  • -Painted another 8 classrooms inside and out including teaching aids on the walls
  • -Fully renovated and refurbished the boys and girls dormitories and bathrooms
  • -Set up 2 additional SEN classrooms with resources
  • -Set up a Physiotherapy room
  • -Continue to support the SEN classes and teachers
  • -Weekly Outreach sessions for SEN children unable to attend school

Take a look at the SEN pages for more information