Walukuba Primary School



Walukuba Primary School topped our list of schools requesting help when it became clear that over 900 children were being taught in just

Walukuba is located right on the banks of Lake Albert and sits directly on the border of Murchison Falls National Park. With distant views of the Congolese landscape, the picturesque escarpment and the plentiful wildlife, Walukuba was a lovely site location.4 classrooms. The school did and still has an additional 4 classroom block but it has been condemned and is unfit for children to learn in. With a pupil:classroom ratio of 226 it was an easy decision to make this school a project for the Leeds volunteers in 2013.



In the summer of 2013, groups from Leeds University fundraised almost £50,000 and worked alongside our builders to build a brand new three classroom block.

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Whilst we have been able to improve the conditions at this school, there is much more work to be done so potential remains for us to return in future years to continue with the programme and further reduce the high numbers of pupils in each classroom.