Wanseko Primary School


Wanseko Primary School is located a short distance from the northern shores of Lake Albert in a community dependent on fishing. At last count there were 1208 pupils, 610 boys and 598 girls.

In December 2007 a group of medical students from Hands of Help in Australia came to help us with the total refurbishment of the 6 classrooms. They came with over £10,000 and did an incredible job accomplishing

  • -Full refurbishment of 4 classrooms
  • -Painting inside and out of 4 classrooms
  • -Leaving funds to continue refurbishment of the school

This is how the school looked before:

wanseko-20before Class-20Crowd-20wanseko

During and After

And this is after:

wanseko-20after wansko-20after-202

Funds permitting in the future we would like to give the Headmaster a new office (below) and build further classrooms.