Soft Power Education Schools’ Festival 2013

Soft Power Education and The Amagezi Education Centre hold an amazing fun filled festival in evaluation of its annual activities at the end of every year. Each year all partner schools who attend sessions at the centre and in outreach in schools, converge at a selected venue to exhibit what they have learnt and achieved from the sessions taught to them by AEC tutors. The activities taught at the centre and schools are all aimed at giving the pupils sustainable life skills, which they can use in the future and act as change agents in the community;

Schools'_Festival_05 Schools'_Festival_01

24 schools attended this year with each school represented by 10 pupils from P6 and two teachers with an additional 10 teachers from the host school also attending. Like any social function, community members from the surroundings of the host school also attended. In total the festival attracted over 600 people.

The theme of the day was “Positive child involvement brightens the future”. In a fun, innovative dynamic and creative way, we used a Drama Quiz, Pupils’ home visits and school visits to evaluate retention and implementation levels of what was taught to the pupils by the AEC staff between February and October 2013.

athletics Schools'_Festival_24

The day saw athletics, drama, a quiz and of course a delicious lunch!

Schools'_Festival_32 We are the best!

Nakanyonyi Primary School were the overall winners of the day, closely followed by Butiki Primary School.

Drama was won by Nakanyonyi P/S with Kyomya P/S following close behind.

Athletics was won by Buyala Catholic P/S and the Outreach winner was Butiki P/S.

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the day, volunteers and staff who ran all the events and all of the sponsors who donated prizes.