Teaching English as a Foreign Language

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  • To empower women by teaching English to better enhance employment opportunities
  • To better enable them to help their children with English
  • To create a setting where women can meet and form friendships


Being one of the official languages of Uganda, English is a particularly useful skill to learn. English is often used as the common language between different tribes and many businesses and schools operate through English. P4 to P7 is also taught through English, therefore women can help their children with homework and study. Futhermore, women rarely have the opportunity to meet socially as they have many household duties, these classes provide an avenue to meet, make friends and share experiences.

Methods and Actions

The TEFL Project is volunteer led. For the last 7 years Jenny has been spending 6 months of each year teaching these wonderful ladies.

This project has to date worked in the communities of Kyabirwa, Buwenda and Budondo. Attendance continues to be hugely successful, and the annual graduation ceremony turns into a display of the women in their finest clothes!

TEFL Graduations 2013

TEFL graduation for website website

Volunteer Opportunities

We are constantly looking for trained TEFL teachers to teach here in Uganda. We ask for a minimum of 3 months commitment. If you are interested please email volunteering@softpowereducation.com.